Sunday, 24 February 2013

The Big Society - Oxford

Not wishing to sound too far beyond my years, but students are a lot trendier than they used to be. Gone are the days of £1 dubious doubles and coke, in their place shiny shiny bars and 'on-trend' ales and lagers.
The Big Society is the newest addition to this development in Oxford. On Cowley Road opposite G&D's and Atomic Burger, The Big Society has guest larger, a couple of wines, and a few cocktails. Buy it large, sell it cheap perhaps. They offer up drinks in 2/3rds so you can sample all the beers in a single night. When we visited they had Scholar (4.5%) from The Shotover Brewing Company as a guest and London Lager (4.5%) from Meantime. A nice selection, especially alongside the hand sized (yes!) burgers, chips, and chicken wings dipped in blue cheese sauce. Luckily they provide a roll of kitchen towel as standard.

Things seem to be starting well for them and on a midweek evening there were plenty of punters (damn lucky students), which is always a good sign. It was good, even if I am offended that students can now afford trendy.

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