Saturday, 23 February 2013

Woodstock Road Deli - Oxford

The Woodstock Road Deli is a place I've queued a couple of times during their lunchtime rush. This used to be much more of a deli than the 'lunch-venue-with-deli-counter-attached' that it's become. It's not a bad thing though. Hearty and delicious plates of stew, with rice or potatoes are on offer, with the same efficiency you'll find at their sister in the Covered Market - Alpha Bar.
Breakfast here was a different kettle though. One girl struggling under the weight of early morning orders from the typical North Oxford stiff upper lip brigade - wanting their bacon sandwich and coffee to be organic, soy, fair trade and just so. She did well enough, but as I frequently find some very simple basics were missed. No heat in the plate made the egg go cold; coarsely chopped parsley 'sprinkled' in a single lump led to a single mouthful of overpowering flavour (and bits in my teeth).

Nice setting, good coffee, but stick with lunch.

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