Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Living Room - Oxford

There's a distinct lack of high-end eateries in Oxford. Perhaps no market for them amongst the mainly student, don, and locals market. Surely someone is making money and needs to spend it though?
The Living Room has sat in the corner of the Castle Complex for time immemorial, whilst many others have come and gone. An attempt at the high life in Oxford: cocktails, piano, polished wood. A larger than expected dining room at the back offers a limited menu of burger, steak, mussels, and a couple of Thai dishes. 

The beer was Modelo Especial (4.4%) and the dinner was a steak. A little more medium than rare, served on a large warm-ish plate, sparsely populated with warm-ish chips, a strand of wilted watercress (not the rocket as described), and accompanied by a mild peppercorn sauce.

It's fine. Just fine. But nothing exciting. Nothing high-end. Nothing you couldn't do at home with something from McCain and Sainsbury's.

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