Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Weekly - 15 June 2013


Each week I find myself in various pubs, bars, and restaurants that for reasons of time, company, or phone signal I can't flag or comment on. This is an attempt to give those places some recognition.

Small 'grubby looking' boozer (my friends words, not mine) just around the corner from Hoxton Square with good music, friendly staff, and a host of great beers (just don't ask me to remember them).

Don't be fooled by the total absence of customers in the bar - people don't come here to sit inside. Outside, at the back of the building, a homemade lean-to covers a small balcony where locals (and some tourists) shelter throughout the year with shisha. Described by some as 'the most unique place in Oxford'.

Apparently in a previous life this was a pit of a pub. Now gastro-led with an almost separate bar and restaurant, they pull a mean pint - Betty Stogs (4.0%) being my favourite - and offer wild boar, foie gras toasties, and whole legs of lamb to share.

Possibly Hawaiian themed cocktail bar next to the Hammersmith and City Line. Strangely lacking in knowledge on cocktails, they charge a hefty price to sit in their bamboo-lined garden.

Serving the best rum punch during the Notting Hill Carnival (source: my mate), this certainly is the 'Bohemian melting pot' it claims to be. Some may be put off by the rowdy looking crowd outside who smell faintly of weed, but it's a friendly vibe inside - even the man with the blazer made of toilet roll said hello. Oh, and they don't take card at the bar.

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