Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Day of the Dead @ ArtForEating - Manor House

Manor Park, London

A dark industrial estate in Manor House is not really where you want to begin a Friday evening. Wandering around using your iPhone as a torch, you're most likely to end up in hospital, minus the phone. Then again, that might be preferable to a Saw-like warehouse where an English Jigsaw waits with handcuffs and razor blades. I was attending on very limited information, you understand.

As it was, the warehouse did contain skulls, but none more threatening than the papier-mâché piñata. This was Day of the Dead, hosted by Art for Eating - where amateur dramatics meets dinner. Perhaps some people would prefer the handcuffs and razors.

I didn't. This was pantomime. The sort of acting that no one can possibly hate, especially after a glass (definitely not a shot) of mescal and countless cocktails. It was also not too intrusive on the dinner. Just enough between each of the five courses to get an appetite up.

Having not been to Mexico or eaten anything "Mexican" which doesn't involve the words El Paso or a sombrero, I can't comment on the authenticity of the food. It did seem Mexican, with tortillas, white bean soup, and ceviche, but above all it was damn tasty and the right measure in each portion to allow me to walk, rather than crawl, home.

Apparently, Art for Eating don't do this often. When they do, it books up quickly. No surprise given the food, so get on their mailing list now, if they have one.

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  1. Thanks for the review Marlow! We do indeed have a mailing list, and it's the best way to find out about upcoming events. Our next one will be in December, and folk can sign up to find out more here: