Sunday, 3 November 2013

Red Dog American Sandwiches - Hoxton Square

The greatest innovation of the last 300 years, if true. Pub hearsay tells me that the sandwich was the invention of a gambling Earl who wanted to hold his dinner in one hand, freeing the other for his cards.

Today, aside from a Pret no-fat-and-all-air 100 calorie bread-based slice, you'll struggle to find a sandwich small enough for just one hand. Meat, cheese, tomato, salad, pickles, condiment, and 600 calories more, a sandwich is dinner, cut in to four hand-held pieces or wrapped in enough paper to hold a small dog.

Those at Red Dog American Sandwiches - an offshoot of the Red Dog Saloon, just around the corner on Hoxton Square - come ready sawn in two. I'd expect this from a country where sandwiches are measured in feet not inches. The calories matched the stereotype too. The Philly cheesesteak oozes grease from every pore. Strange then that they bothered to wrap it for the very short journey from the counter to the table. While the bottom half of the bread, saturated with grease, will always disintegrate in seconds, wrapped-up the top half sweats its way to oblivion. The result is a swimming pool of grease, encased in paper, with remnants of bread, beef, and cheese floating on the surface. They should serve it with a straw.

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