Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Highbury Barn - Highbury, London

When it comes to food, the litmus test for a pub has to the burger. In Oxford, we have some great options, supported outside of the pub by a branch of Byron and Atomic Burger. In London, of course, the options are greater. However, in both places I've eaten some pigs. Hideous burgers with grey mattress-stuffing like meat, cold anemic slices of tomato, and raw onion that clings to your breath for the next 72 hours. At the opposite extreme, the best quality meat can often be found overwhelmed by mozzarella, olives, chorizo, game, various pickles, relishes, and a sprinkling of gold dust.
It's a good job then that the match-day burger at The Highbury Barn is so dependable. A large piece of oven cooked and BBQ finished meat, topped with fried onions, a thin slice of cheese, ketchup, and sandwiched within a sweet brioche bun. Chips on the side and enough change for a beer - not since the Sunday lunch bap in Blackburn has a match-day meal been so good.

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