Thursday, 21 March 2013

Bodean's - Clapham, London

After three failed attempts to get in to Bodean's in Soho, showing up mid-afternoon to their Clapham branch on a Saturday during the Six Nations gave us a direct pass to a table for two. Granted, the rugby was showing here, but who in their right mind was going to be distracted from their plate in this place?

A £15 match day special featured a foot of ribs, the tenderest chicken wings, fries, coleslaw, and a beer. A plate of extreme-value-deliciousness unsurpassed by anything I've eaten in the past 6-months - and I'll include Christmas dinner in that.
Throw in the fact that everything fits neatly on a single oval plate - not a metal bucket of chips in sight - and they provide as much kitchen towel as you can eat, and this is heaven.

I may be a late comer to this place, but I can see a bright future of BBQ sauce encrusted fingernails to come.

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