Friday, 24 May 2013

The Duke of Cambridge - Islington

The Duke of Cambridge in Islington couldn't be more different to that in Stockwell. Perhaps a comment on equality in London or the division between North and South. Islington's Duke of Cambridge is an organic pub, it's unlikely that anyone in that anyone in Stockwell's Duke of Cambridge can spell organic.
Tucked off Islington Green, amongst the white stucco, Miliband heartland houses, The Duke of Cambridge is an old fashioned London corner pub with cavernous bar at the front and ramshackle outhouse style restaurant at the back. Offering all organic beer and food, with a nod toward a fish specialism. It has that family-friendly North London pram brigade feel.
Unfortunately, whilst first impressions were good, the promising menu, handwritten in chalk, didn't deliver. A salad of small cubed belly pork and various leaves was fine. The main of bean and cheese bake was dry, cloying, and could have been used to repoint a wall. Pudding was probably nice, if I could remember what I had. I remember leaving half a bowl of raisins, but the fact I can't recall epitomises the food - bland and boring.

Perhaps I'll call in to the namesakes in Stockwell and peruse their menu.

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