Saturday, 13 July 2013

BBQ Whisky Beer - Edgware Road, London

Brendon Street, London, W1H 5HE

As a newbie to London it's hard to know where the real gems are. You can stand at any tube station look left, look right, and see mile-after-mile of chain - pub, restaurant, cafe. London's streets have more Prets than you can shake a crayfish sandwich at and more Wetherspoons than you can shake a £4.99 beer and burger at. To get off the beaten track and find something of real quality you have to follow a blog, read a newspaper, listen to friends, and (most importantly) be on Twitter. And that's how we came to BBQ Whisky Beer - the name for the kitchen found in the Wargrave Arms.

A brief walk from Edgware Road tube station, through the sweet fug of countless shisha cafes, the Wargrave Arms is a Young's pub, the website of which will reveal absolutely nothing of the delights within - the pictures show a trendy wine bar and the 100+ bottles of single malt is a footnote at best. Scandalous.

I'm sure we drank some beer while we waited for our table and afterwards there may have been a small glass of whisky; but these are the grey council-issued local-library steel bookends holding the calf-leather bound gold leafed papyrus pornography that was dinner.

Seriously, this was a dinner that made whisky taste like ash and beer taste like water. It may have taken an hour or two to get a table, and then a further forty minutes for the food to arrive, but ignoring the idiot in the pink shirt, the picture says it all.

That is a foot of beef ribs. A whole foot! Sweet, burnt, delicious ribs. The sort of ribs you grind your teeth across, shattering the enamel and blunting fillings to make sure the last strands of meat have been entirely consumed. The chips? Fine. Probably, The coleslaw? Great. Probably. How can any man comment, consider, or even taste a side when meat of this quality is present.

I don't know how long these ribs will reside in the Wargrave, but if you pass through Edgware Road, London, or indeed the UK and don't try these ribs you...are...insane.

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