Sunday, 14 July 2013

LS6 - Headingley, Leeds

16A Headingley Lane, Leeds, LS6 2AS

Failing to conform to gender stereotypes when ordering food often gets more than just a raised eyebrow. It would seem that it's just not socially-acceptable for a man to order a goat's cheese tart at the pub if a burger is also on the menu. For society, a man's choice of food is a statement of his masculinity - the modern day equivalent of beating your chest, baring your fangs, flinging excrement at your challenger, before gauging his eyes out, cracking his skull open and feasting on the sweet goo inside.

Well, call me a sissy, but I'm as happy ordering a cranberry juice and veggie burger at Byron as I am ordering the Boss Hog at Bodean's.

And so it was at LS6 - a boho cafe in the centre of the student village of Headingley in Leeds - that my eyes skipped past the burger option to the Clock Cafe salad. Named after the clocks adorning the wall (they're simple folks in the north), the salad was beetroot, pear, walnut, and goat's cheese. A really delicious salad, served in pleasantly 'cool' surroundings, probably helped by the time of year - the only evidence of the unwashed student population being two identical blondes sharing tales of past 'gap yahs'. Strangely, tap water at LS6 comes with a slice of cucumber floating in it, leaving a musty taste not dissimilar to the smell of a rotten cabbage. Weird.

Of course, as I was eating a salad I needed a side of hummus and pitta to keep my calorie levels up...and a pint of some local ale to maintain my masculinity. Now, where's that recipe for pea soup...

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