Thursday, 15 August 2013

Honest Burger - Brixton

4a Meard Street, London, W1F 0EF

It might surprise people to hear this: I don't often take photos of my food. Maybe I lack confidence or restraint, but there is just something ever-so-strange about being delivered a meal and whipping out a camera before you dig your fork in. Also, without Instagramming the s**t out of my photos, I don't feel I can do the food justice.

Today was different. Dropping in to Brixton Village attempting to find a sandwich, I noticed no clear queue at Honest Burger. This was my chance! Three times so far the queue has beaten me and I've ventured to find something else. Not bad decisions either time, given that the alternative was The Joint and then El Panzon.

So there I sat, on my own. No one else to distract me and no waiting staff near me. Another chance had come. I pulled out my camera and snapped at the burger, fries, and diet coke behind. I think a worthy photo of some very worthy food. Honest(ly) one of the best burgers I've ever had. They don't mess around with this one. Very simple: beef, bun, and some onion chutney, served alongside rosemary-ed chips. And the best part? The whole thing cost £9! Leaving a tip of a quid, and I'd still paid over the standard 10%. Win-win. If I stay at home any longer, it'll be mightily tempting to make each day a burger day. Do they do a loyalty card?

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