Monday, 30 September 2013

Fish Dog - Shoreditch

5-7 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3DT

Perfection is a rarity. No matter how good a meal is, there is usually a negative aspect to be found. Service, ambiance, and three courses - a restaurant has many opportunities to make a mistake. On this basis, street food has it easy: serving only one course reduces the likelihood of failure by a factor of three. Then again, street food has a plethora of discerning customers with a propensity for passing comment on Twitter, as well as a host of competitors for comparison in close proximity. Almost perfect isn't good enough if the guys next door are offering something better.

Perhaps it was the last of the summer sun, the lack of queue, or the timing of their tweet ('firing up the fryers'), but my visit to see Fish Dog in R3D Market was nothing short of perfect. For those who don't know this highly rated London street food, Fish Dog is part of the Mark Hix food empire, compressed in to a small yellow van. While the name may conjure images of fish wrapped in a sausage skin, Fish Dog is actually just a slightly different take on standard fish and chips. Moist, flaky white fish fillet is battered and served in a hotdog bun atop a line of mushy peas. Fresh, golden crisp fries sit alongside, and you're welcome to as much as tartar sauce as you can eat. Aside from being washed down with a beer, lunch doesn't get more perfect than this.

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