Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Yum Bun - Old Street

31 Featherstone Street, London, EC1Y

You would hope that rats and decent restaurants don't have a lot in common: at least, you'd hope they don't share the same kitchen. However, in London you're never more than 6 feet from a rat and I reckon the same can be said for good eateries. What's more, both are well hidden.

While we wait for the launch of the Pied Piper app, those with a smartphone can circumvent the shiny lights of the high street and use the British St. Food app or to find something worth eating. You can also turn to like-minded folks on Twitter and I have to thank @Feelgd_Foodbk for pointing me towards Yum Bun - I now cry to think how many times in the past fortnight I've walked ignorantly past Featherstone Street clutching a Pret sandwich.

Soft, warm, and perfect is as good a description as any for Yum Bun, and while I'm sure some people won't like the texture of the bun or the portion sizes (two wasn't enough for me - go for a bento!), the taste can't be questioned. On this, my first visit, I sampled the mushroom and the pork buns, but essentially the recipe doesn't change for all they offer: meat (or veggie), salad, and a dressing, all wrapped in a steamed bun. The balance of both of the buns was perfect - just enough tang of dressing on the mushroom, just enough spice on the pork (although granted that is down to personal preference), and just the right bread to filling ratio.

With only three hours of opening at lunch times, I was surprised not to find a lengthy queue. Now if only they offered a three for £9 deal, this could quickly become a regular lunchtime haunt.

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