Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Pret a Manger - London

Working freelance exposes you to the ghosts of the day time. Dashing between meetings, you cross the path of lost tourists, mid-morning drinkers, and a whole host of lunatics in-between. There they stand (or lie), lining the pavement, clogging the escalator, asking bus drivers nonsense questions, all with the aim of slowing your day down or sideswiping your drink into the gutter.

On the plus side, you become an expert on coffee shops; particularly where to get the best coffee, at the lowest price, with the fastest internet. Pret a Manger - that lunchtime staple of office workers and crayfish sandwich-munching mayors - offers up a brew at 99p. That's correct, a single pound for a coffee, with a penny change. Daylight robbery or proof that only a fool pays £2.20 for a latte?

A significant reduction in price usually correlates with a significant reduction in quality. Not so with Pret's filter. It's a dark, earthy coffee, with a slight citrus note (am I reading the press release correctly? Joke). An Autumnal drink, perfect for cold days sat snug behind a desk or leant against the doors of the 55 bus. Weak enough to be drunk by the pint, but with enough strength to see a caffeine addict through to the Spring - it's the perfect all-day-every-day kind of drink. There's no tastier way to rent Central London office space, for rural backwater prices, plus you have a penny leftover for the guy sat at the door.

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