Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Victoria - Oxford

Every couple of years there appears to be a new drinks trend. When England last had a summer, pints of cider and ice seemed to be the order of the day. Now it's (alcoholic) ginger beer.

If TV ad revenue is anything to go by, ginger beer = Crabbies (4%). However, The Victoria - a large red brick pub 15 minutes walk from Oxford train station - serves Ginger Joe (4%), a drink rarely seen elsewhere. Neither are craft beers, produced by the makers of Labrini and Babycham respectively; but, it can't be argued that Ginger Joe with ice and lime isn't both tasty and refreshing.
Owning a portfolio of drinks guarantees revenue regardless of the weather. The Victoria, with it's front garden, rear garden, and seats around the coal fire is in a similar position. On a sunny Friday evening or weekend afternoon this pub overflows with punters, although not a soul sits along it's wooden bar. On a cold Tuesday lunch-time, the gardens are empty, but the tables inside surrounded by people sampling delicious pies. And now that the temperature has dropped again, most will be back on the ale.

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