Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Crown & Sceptre - Shepherds Bush, London

'Build it and they will come' is a quote frequently misattributed to Field of Dreams; it's also the antithesis to the theory of 'location, location, location', and completely apt when it comes to a pubs success.
In Shepherd's Bush - an area of West London the opposite side of the tracks to Kensington, Notting Hill, and Holland Park - the walk from Goldhawk Road tube station to The Crown & Sceptre on Goodwin Road not only takes ten minutes at a pace, but passes at least 8 other pubs.

Being tucked down a maze of suburban streets and being a mile from the tube are not ticks in the location box. Fuller's Ale and Thai food are nothing which couldn't be replicated elsewhere. However, it's the combination of friendly staff, reliable food, clean surroundings, and generally good atmosphere which make this pub worth passing so many other publicans' doors to get too.

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