Sunday, 14 October 2012

St. Aldates Tavern - Oxford

Drinks after work are a political business. The venue, the permitted guests, the timing - attempting to change any of these variables can have mass implications for your 'standing' at work.

Last week, an attempt was made to move from the cosy back-room seats at The Bear Inn to the newly opened St. Aldates Tavern approximately 200 metres away. The justification? Although great in the summer, The Bear has a lack of seating on a Friday post-6.00pm. Simple enough, but a cause for concern amongst many of the regulars who gazed with a mixture of fear and bewilderment at the new establishment.

The result? A success for some, disappointment for others. I was in the former camp, enjoying the Tavern's space, clean feel, hustle and bustle atmosphere, and choice of beers. I opted for The White Horse Brewery Bitter (3.7%). Disappointment stemmed from the overzealous use of the heating and the lack of ketchup for chips - seemingly trivial, but clearly important factors for some.

We may be back next Friday...


  1. Hello

    Thanks for choosing St Aldates Tavern for your post work drinks last Friday. As you know we only recently opened and we're still getting to grips with the site and the trading levels there. That being said there is no excuse for lack of ketchup with chips and the heating being turned up too high! It won't happen again and we hope you come back soon.
    Our Official Opening Party is this Thursday 18th October from 5pm and we'll be offering some free homemade food and a complimentary drink on arrival - it'd be great if you and your friends can come along.

    Many Thanks,

    Tom Goddard,
    General Manager,
    St Aldates Tavern

  2. Thanks for the message StAldatesTavern. Don't worry, we'll be back I'm sure.